Once in Poznan, taxis and
      Poznan's public
      transportation system
      make getting around easy.
      There is an abundance of
      information about Poznan
      on the web, including
      information on
      transportation options.
      See our page Poznan.
      Taxi services from the
      airport and from the train
      station are available to
      take guests to their
      accommodation. It is
      recommended, however,
      to abstain from taking
      a taxi cab directly from
      the line in front of the train
      station or the airport.
      Instead, the information
      desks can call a radio-taxi
      for you; prices you should
      expect to pay are: 25 PLN
      (from the airport) or
      10 PLN (from the train
      station). The easiest
      connections to the workshop venue using the public transportation system are as follows. Buses from
      the Airport Lawica: 59 (direction Baltyk), get off at the last stop Baltyk; 78 (direction Szarych Szeregow),
      get off at 13th stop Baltyk. A ticket costs 2 PLN in either case. Next go under Rondo Kaponiera to the
      tram stop. You can take either tram 3 (direction Wilczak) or 10 (direction Polabska); get off at 5th stop
      Zniwna (after 8 minutes). A ticket costs 1 PLN. To go by tram from the raiwaly station, you have to leave
      using the Western Exit (wyjscie zachodnie). Then take tram 8 (direction Milostowo), or 11 (direction
      Piatkowska), or 14 (direction Os. Sobieskiego). Get off at stop Rondo Kaponiera, and then follow
      directions given earlier. A 2 PLN ticket is sufficient for the whole trip, and it has to be validated at the first
      tram right after entering.